Who am I?

Hi all! I am Sarah McKinney, mom of two gorgeous and amazing girls! I have been married to my sweet country boy for seven years now and we live in a small town called Christmas Fl. You may be wondering about the title of the blog. Hayden Renee is my oldest daughter, my first born, my sour patch kid. She is her momma all over again with her daddy’s smarts. The world is a better place for having her in it! 

This child of mine has figured out every childproof lock I have put up in this house! She can climb over any gate you set in her way and has the steely determination of someone beyond her years! She is sassy as can be with a vocabulary beyond her sweet age of two. She tests every boundary I give her and pushes every button in me on any given day. I find myself yelling no less than 100x times a day to get out of the fridge. In fact if I even hear that fridge open I just automatically yell “Hayden get out of the fridge.” This my life, I argue and loose often to a two-year old! I find her toy kitchen food and plates in my fridge and freezer constantly! As I tried to come up with a name for my blog that represented me and my family and our story a good friend looked at me (after I had hollered for the billionth time that evening for Hayden to get out of the fridge!) and just said “thats it, thats your name.” So here we are! 

My blog, this is my safe place for you to come! If you never admit you have read even one of my posts im ok with that! But I want this to be a place for you to find solace, to laugh, to see a topic thats been bugging you and have it explained! If you want me to help you find an alternative product for your family I will! If I cant make it for you (for a small price) ill steer you in the right direction! 

I am so excited for this adventure! I want to help you, if you need something let me know. If you wanna talk let me know! If you need a place to laugh come on over and read because I can guarantee I have a story of some kind of antic that my two year old and seven month old have done! 


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