A few of my favorite things.

Top 10 mom products we couldn’t live without. 

  1. Dock a tot: https://dockatot.com
  2. Owelet: https://owletcare.com
  3. Cameras: 
  4. Mommaroo swing: https://shop.4moms.com/
  5. Books: https://www.babylit.com
  6. Smilo bottles/sippy cups: https://www.smilobaby.com
  7. Hatch scale/noisemaker: https://shop.hatchbaby.com
  8. Nose Frida: https://www.fridababy.com
  9. Naturesutton pacifier : http://www.natursutten.com
  10. Ryan and Rose clips: https://www.ryanandrose.co

So tonight I thought I’d give you momma friends who are either pregnant or have fresh newbies a top ten list of my absolute favorite products! Some of them have products for the older kids that I also use with Hayden! But for the most part these are mainly baby products! 

 First product I wish I had bought for Hayden Renee, she may be sleeping in her own room now instead of with me currently! The dock-a-tot has been my saving grace when it comes to Kasalina’s sleep schedule. I can take in the fifth wheel camping with us, or even to my moms house when she watches the girls and she will sleep in it without a fuss! Along with this is the Mommaroro Swing, I had a swing for Hayden but when my mom bought the mommaroo for us when we had Kasalina it was a game changer! She will play in it while I cook dinner or am cleaning up around the house! It is a bit on the pricy side but I would definently recommend it for moms with toddlers who run around the house like the hounds of hell are behind them! This Swing has held up to Hayden laying on-top of kasalina and trying to sit in it herself! 

She loves this! 

Now Smilo is a smaller bottle company but I absolutely ADORE there products! The bottle has a patented nipple shape and vent that works together to reduce colic, and I know there are other companies that say they do that, but this is the first one that actually worked for Kasalina. I tried six other brands before stumbling across this one! The material is BPA, BPS, BPF & Phthalate free, which was another big factor in me wanting to try them. They have four stages from preemie to stage three. I also use their sippy cups for Hayden and have been the only ones I have found that don’t leak, and there are no hidden crevices that collect mold no matter how much you take them apart and scrub them! (Can you tell ive been through 1000 sippy cups with Hayden!) 

Smilo Bottles! 

Now if you are a mom like me and like to track weight and feeds (really helpful for breast feeding mommas) than you’ll like the Hatch scale as much as I do! Now I mainly got this scale because I had a preemie and one of our contingency for getting to go home was tracking her weight carefully and regular pediatrician visits so they could take down her weight! Hatch linked to my phone and automatically kept a log of Kasalina Weight and if I wanted weighted feeds. If you are a preemie mom I for sure recommend this product! It gave me peace of mind that she was gaining! I also was gifted a hatch sound machine, I NEVER used a sound machine with Hayden because she just slept with me and I had the tv on most of the time. We now all sleep with the sound machine on and I have since bought one for the Fifth wheel for camping trips so we have one on hand at all hands! Along with a scale if you are a mom like me the Owelet monitor is such a huge lifesaver! It will allow you to sleep with such a peace of mind. I have used mine for every nap and bedtime since we came home from the hospital. With Hayden I had angel care and it was ok but I love the Owelet! I can track her heart rate and oxygen levels from my phone and it alerts me if either drops! Kasalina has a ASD which is an Atrial Septal Defect, which is a hole is the wall that separates the top two chambers of her heart. She will hopefully not have to have surgery and it will close on its own by the time she is one. But she isn’t sitting up on her own yet and you have to watch her closely when feeding and eating because she will turn blue if she gets over taxed. I COULD NOT sleep if I didn’t have a way to see her heart rate and oxygen levels. 

This is Kasalina on the Hatch Scale!

Kasalina does take a pacifier, and I love the nature Sutton ones for her! My mother in law says they are ugly but the are all natural, toxin free pacifier. Kasalina Absolutely ADORES them! To hold these pacifiers to her I LOVE Ryan & Rose pacifier clips! They are absolutely adorable and have all kind of styles! They sell Naturesutton on there site and also have adorable rattles! Every mom loves the Nose Frida and I am no exception! I have there thermometer for Hayden because she will randomly spike 103-104 degree fevers. So if before bed she feels a little warm ill stick that on her and it gives me peace of mind that it will alert me if there is a spike. 

So lastly we have my overprotective slightly paranoid husband favorite item, cameras. We have a camera in every room except the bathrooms in our house that link to one tablet not on wifi because he was worried someone would access them through wifi. We did this mainly because he wanted me to able to shower without being scared to death (the tablet is waterproof). I at first thought he was insane but now that we are four years into cameras I actually enjoy them. I can see Hayden destroy her room (yay) and I can see if Kasalina is asleep or awake (which lets be honest she wakes up as I scrub shampoo into my hair every time.) I would have to say find some good ones and use them because they are worth it! 

Now I will say some of these items can get expensive, but I bought them over nine months. I honestly don’t put a price on some of the peace of mind it gave me! With my post party anxiety I honestly couldn’t have functioned without some! (A topic for another time) Some of these items I wished I had with Hayden and others specifically are needed for Kasalina. If you don’t have a high needs baby you may not need some of them. Others of them are great for kids of all ages! One thing I have done for both girls I highly suggest for everyone is invest in books! For baby showers and birthdays that have come and gone I have asked instead of cards to get books! Books teach them they can be anything anywhere in the world! Books give them a place to learn and escape. I will forever be grateful for my mom instilling in me and my brothers the love for books we still carry to this day! I LOVE babylit books for my girls! They have classics to introductions to ABC’s. Every night before bed I love our time reading a book (or two or three) and for a little while we are in a faraway land or exploring a jungle. For a short minute in time I can imagine my girls aren’t swiftly growing up before my eyes! 

These are just a few of our Babylit Books! I love the classics for them. 

I hope this helps you! If there is ever any product you want to know about ask me and Ill do some research or just go to the source and talk to them! 

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