Sometimes we as mommas forget to compliment and uplift husbands and there friends. ( yes, even the ones who come over and tease you, and laugh at your witchy tendencies or even give you advice on your cooking.) Thank them. 

We were all in the truck this past weekend when we passed a man who for a reason we don’t know was in the median of a major highway, standing beside his motorcycle that was on its side and you could tell he was frustrated and couldn’t get it back upright. My husbands best friend was in the truck with us and without hesitation both of them said we need to go help.

 Y’all four other trucks going down the highway beside around us turned around too. My faith in humanity was restored in that moment. So many times we just see and hear about the horrible and the bad, we very rarely hear about the good in this world. 

I snapped some photos from the backseat of the truck just as a joke for my husband and his friend. But the more I have looked back at these pictures all week I can’t help but be proud. Proud of the man I married, proud of the friends he surrounds himself with and most of all proud that these are the men my daughters have to look up to. 

These two men are the men my daughters will base there relationships off of (if they are ever allowed by them). 

These two men are who my daughters will find solace in when the world is mean and they need a strong arm to hold them.

 There father is going to be the hero they will always look up to. But his best friend who is like a brother in many ways is also who I know my girls will go to when they have problems. 

These two men will be the two men my girls call when they get there heart broken for the first time. And I know they each will offer to beat the poor boy up.

When we first found out we were having a second daughter Andys first words were that he was going to need help. I didn’t understand it at first but I do now. 

Daddy’s you are the standard to which your daughter will compare every other man. You need back up just like us mommas do! Don’t be afraid of finding that backup! 

I 100% trust the men my husband has at his back. I trust they will teach my daughters things that I lack. I trust that they will be pillars for my daughter when their father and I can’t be. But most of all I trust that they will everyday show my daughters that helping a man on the side of the road is just as important as getting to dinner on time! 

Mommas we need this for our daughters. We need to surround them in safety and security! We need to have men in there lives that are strong and will help a man in need! We need to show our daughters that a man is not a master but someone who will stand at there back, someone who may let them fall but will be right there to clean them up and teach them a different way. 

It is important to raise these girls to be strong and secure in themselves, but we need to also show them that when they do date that there is a standard. 

So my challenge is that mommas of girls, even when your husband has his friends over all the time and you don’t understand why, those men are there support system. They need that to raise these girls! 

So to the men who are the best friend. Thank you. 

Thank you for loving these girls like there dad does. 

Thank you for showing these girls humility and toughness. 

Thank you for showing them that its important to help others. 

Thank you for being willing to be there if we are not.