Pay it Forward

I feel like my reoccurring theme is to be better.

All we ever see in the news and online is negativity. Why are we as humanity forgetting to be better people. 

Hayden Renee while being my strong willed child has a heart of gold. We were at a store the other day and a little boy was crying and she walked right up to him and gave him a hug. She had no idea who this child was, the mom just stared open mouthed and than looked at me and said “she is so sweet”. In my shock I just said “in this moment she is being sweet, thank you.” We all know that sour patch was screaming ten minutes before because someone had “drank” all her juice. You child, you drank all your dang juice in the car on the way here when I told you not to because I hadn’t brought anymore with me. 

I’m proud of that sweet child, im proud that she can be nice in moments when she sees a need. 

How many of us as adults don’t do that?

I was at publix earlier today and a mom ahead of me in line was with her little baby, probably around the same age as Kasalina Grace, was trying to buy one can of formula. Her card got rejected and she looked about ready to cry. I was two people behind her and everyone just stared and shifted impatiently. 

Why can none of you help her out? 

She was outside by the time I got up to the front of the line and they had already put her formula back. I slipped her a 20 I had on me when I walked outside. Just handed it to her and told her “one day when you make it pay it forward.”

I’ve been there. We are a one income family and i’ve had moments when I wouldn’t eat all day just so there would be food for my husband for dinner and enough left over for him to take to work. I’ve been that person whose card got rejected. I have been there. 

We are so incredibly blessed with everything we have now, we are blessed Andy has an amazing job that allows me to stay home with our girls. But I would hope and pray that if I was that mom someone would help me. 

We need to be better. It shouldn’t surprise other humans when we offer to help others! If one person helped one person in need how many people would need help? 

We are showing the generation below us how to act, but what are we showing them. We on this earth need a generation with compassion and empathy, we need a generation who will help others. We need a generation who will stand up to the bullies, who will take a loss and learn from it not turn it into a crippling experience, but learn from it and change and be better. 

I want so badly to raise my daughters to not expect things to be given to them but to want to help the person who has less. I so desperately want to see a change in this world for my daughters sake. 

I didn’t ask this woman her story or her name because thats none of my business. My business is to help her. My job as a human is to help her. I may never see her again but I hope she will one day pay it forward. 

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