Ridding of negativity.

I love the beginning of the month. I love that it signifies a chance to start fresh and be better. 

We started our month with Some play time in the mud and my monthly refresh and cleansing of the house. (After I cleansed my daughter) 

I have found my style of parenting to be a bit more free range. We live on property so Hayden Renee has the run of the place and Kasalina Grace will also have those chances as she gets older. We love this life, we love the freedom it allows us and most of all I love the opportunities it gives to my children. Hayden is my right hand girl when it comes to refreshing and purifying the house at the beginning of each month. She has her on little sage smudge stick (never lit, im not that free range) and she uses her own little feather to spread the smoke around. I have just in the past six months begun this practice of purifying the house every month. We started when Kasaline Grace came home from Nicu. After a terrifying and unexpected delivery at 33 weeks we would spend 15 days in Nicu, and thats where I truly began my research on ways to purify and cleanse my house when we got home. Being in a hospital 24/7 is not fun and all you want is to bring this tiny child home to a place that was pure and clean and has no negative energies. So in those moments I found sage, I was a little leery of it at first but after the first two months ive become a believer. I so notice a difference in my families attitudes and overall wellness.

Hayden and I both suffer from asthma and I have seen a difference in us both with our breathing over the summer months. Sage is known to release negative ions that help neutralize positive ones. In short, it gets rid of things such as pet dander, pollution, dust, and mold. All of those things don’t help people with asthma, and when you live in the country all of those things surround you constantly. To put it into perspective, when I was pregnant with Hayden Renee I was put on steroids my breathing due to asthma got so bad, which caused my water to break at 37 weeks and would lead to a 37 hour labor and than emergency c-section. This year I haven’t had to use my inhaler once! Not because the pollen hasn’t been bad but because I truly believe the smudging monthly and getting rid of the positive ions, has truly benefited the air quality in my house. Sage also contains anit-microbial and anti-bacteria qualities that aid in cleansing and purifying the air. 

Smudging helps to rid yourself and your space of negativity, (and coming out of the NICU I needed that so deeply to my core!) It helps you to establish a positive environment for meditation. I use this in my “War Room” if you haven’t heard of that its literally a place in my house that all my prayers are put up on the wall. It’s my area I go to and declare war on things that are hurting me and causing me pain. Once I release those negatives I give them to God. I need this area cleansed and purified and than I let go of all the negative thoughts and energies. I go to my war room daily, weekly, sometimes multiple times a day. But I without fail every month I go in there and use my sage to truly get rid of all the negative energy. 

Another huge benefit ive seen is the quality of sleep we have all started to get, Hayden Renee is my fighter, she on the regular will fight sleep for hours before she will finally knock off. She now on average will only watch her show and than will lay down and relax. As a new mom of two young kids I need them to sleep with some consistency. I need to be able to fall asleep myself without things weighing me down or giving me nightmares. I can’t tell you how important it has been for my post party anxiety to be able to sleep well this time around. With Hayden even when she would sleep I couldn’t, I would envision horrible things happening to her, or to me. I would lay in bed all night worried about things that in reality were not going to happen but it would always terrify me that it would. With Kasalina Grace you would think I would have this 100x worse with her heart issues and her being a preemie. But I haven’t, I did suffer from post partum but not nearly as bad as I did with Hayden and I truly believe it had to do with the benefits Ive found with smudging. 

I will add in its not the end all be all I combine it with other things such as my war room, but this practice dates back even to ancient times. You can find a history of it in native american time. It is a practice that has been sustained for many many years. I find solace in knowing that many have come before me that saw the benefits of doing a more holistic alternative to helping there families, in times much worse that these. These customs have such a deep and powerful meaning that you can’t help but to respect them. 

The basic things I use for this monthly is a sage bundle, you can find them online but I go to a local store to get mine. I use a glass bowl to catch the ashes and I buy matches from the same store I get the sage from. You can use a traditional lighter, but I find solace in doing it the way others many years before me have done it. I use an eagle feather to fan the smoke around. I do try to do this room by room and let it air out fully before allowing the girls in. The scent can be over powering at times and I don’t want my tiny girls around a lot of smoke. Follow your heart on this, add this in slowly to a routine you establish that helps. I will say taking control of my families health has been empowering for me. 


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