Hayden turns 3

Dear sweet girl,

Gosh you are three today. I feel like I just met you but its already been three quick years. You are my greatest adventure. You have shown me so much about myself, that I didn’t know was in me. I love your spunk and laughter.

 I love when your little chin juts out and I know, I just know that you are about to do what I told you not to do. It may drive me absolutely insane and sometimes I just want to scream, but in those moments im so proud of your determination because it will make you an amazing leader one day.

 Sweet girl I know you will be amazing at whatever you set yourself up to do! 

Your daddy and I are in awe every time you come at us with your insane vocabulary! Even if it is when you tell me daddy is your favorite,(i know that will change when you turn 16 and he locks you in your room so you cant date!)

I love how your brain works!

Sweet girl, we prayed for you and your sister for years!

You made me the mother I had longed to be for so many years.

You showed me I was stronger than I could have ever imagined. 

You gave me strength to fight a silent battle that no-one knew about. 

You give me a reason every day to better myself so I can keep up with that incredible mind of yours. 

You teach me sometimes how to show compassion even when you don’t have to. 

You show me in every action how big and amazing your heart is. 

When I doubt who I am I just have to look at you and know im your mom, and thats enough. 

You are the first person I met in this world who shared my DNA. 

You are the first person in my world I could look at and think I see myself in them.

To many thats not a big deal but to an adopted child like me who always wondered it is truly amazing. 

You sweet girl are going to be great and I hope you never forget that. 

I pray you know that you are stronger than anyone will give you credit for. 

I pray you never let anyone break that will of yours. 

I pray that this world never beats you down or breaks you. 

I pray that you never forget who you are. 

I pray you always know you have us at your back no matter what you do! 

Sweet girl as you turn three today i know theres so many more years you will turn a year older, and I can’t wait to see what and who you will be. 

I love you so much and im so honored and proud to be your mom. 

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