Feeding is an experience!


Anyone else have an extremely picky child? Hayden Renee is my picky one, I made my own pureed baby food for her and was so sure I was doing the right thing. I don’t think I was wrong in my decision with her but I definently think all the factors of nursing her till 19 months and just doing puree’s and not giving her anything else her first year has led to problems. 

If you could survive on just chicken nuggets and Mac n cheese my child would be extremely happy! I would love to say im not that kind of mom that will bribe her child but I am! My three year old I will bribe with just one bite of food for a part of a cookie! 

So when Kasalina Grace hit six months I needed to find some alternative to what I did with Hayden Renee. I can’t handle another picky eater! Kasalina Grace has been bottle fed since birth due to her being a preemie, and I pumped up until about six weeks ago when I dried up all of a sudden! So I think that already has made a huge difference in her eating habits. We started her on a few purees three times a day and she didn’t seem interested at all and I couldn’t help but think “OH NO, ANOTHER picky one!” 

Boy was I wrong, we switched to baby led weaning about a month ago and this child is eating it up! So much has changed just from when Hayden was a baby! Isn’t that just insane? They are just over 2 years apart but so much has changed! Kasalina Grace will eat everything and anything you put on her high chair tray! This kid has no texture aversion like Hayden does, she will eat everything! Which is such a relief, she also has shown no allergies to food as of yet! Hayden is like me allergic to eggs and dairy. Some of that may be genetics but some of it may just be that I waited a bit to long to feed her solids or even attempt to! 

I have a list of do’s and font’s for you that I have learned over the past few months and from asking friends who are also in this current season of life! 

  1. DO wait until the baby is ready to eat, (sitting up on there own, reaching for things)
  2. DONT choose nap time to feed them, I don’t wanna eat when I am tired and they wont want to either!
  3. DO continue Formula or breastmilk they still need all those nutrients!
  4. DONT expect it to work! Your baby may hate this whole idea and THATS OK!
  5. DO Supervise them and engage, make it a good chance for one on one time! 
  6. DONT panic when they make an awful face at a new food! They are figuring out what is in there mouth and will spit it out if they don’t want it!
  7. DO Cut the food into tiny grasping size pieces! Not so small they can’t grab it but not so big they choke. It’s a fine delicate line that you’ll figure out!
  8. DONT overload them on five different foods in one meal! They will not like them and you wont be able to tell which one they don’t like! 
  9. DO Let them have fun! Let them throw that spaghetti and cover themselves in ketchup! Let them be little! 
  10. DONT freak out over how long it’s taking them to eat! Don’t worry about the mess it will come out! One day you’ll look back and wish you had watched them eat just a little bit longer! 
  11. DO take this opportunity to start family dinner traditions! I love and miss my younger days when no matter what we had planned we all sat down for dinner together and ate. We caught up on our days and what was going on. But we always knew that dinner was going to happen! I loved  that time! Even in my teen years when I complained, I secretly enjoyed it! 
  12. DONT give up! Your kid will not starve if 90% of there food gets on the floor! Momma you are doing amazing no matter how it looks! 

Every kid is different! Whatever you do always remember to watch for signs of a reaction! Hayden Renee scared me to death the first time she had eggs and broke out terribly and started wheezing and coughing. I knew what to look for because I had done my research! Please mommas do your research! Know what to look for! Know what the signs are! Being informed is the best thing we as moms can be!

This is a good resource for allergic reactions!


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