Weight Lifted



9 months. We have had 9 long months of fear for Kasalina grace’s heart and what was going to happen. As a momma who struggles with anxiety made worse by post partum anxiety this has been hell for me. I get scared with her crawling and getting out of breath. I worry when she doesn’t gain in weight in a week or if she looses even on ounce I panic. But today we got the news we have been waiting for !! Her VSD has completely closed, her ASD is so small they don’t want to see her again until she is three years old! 

I sobbed in the care when I left her appointment, maybe it was just a build up of her screaming through all her tests and not being able to comfort her, or just a build-up of the last nine months. To finally be able to put her birth behind me and focus on her future is like a weight lifted over my shoulder. That has been hanging over us for nine months. That was all that was left of NICU. Everything else she has proven us all wrong! She crawled right on track with babies in her February due date group. She talks with them, she eats as good as them, she’s on track weight and height wise with them. She is proving every single doctor wrong and for that I am so eternally grateful for the power and healing grace of prayer. She has shown people who don’t believe that she is greater than what they thought she would be. As her mom I am so incredibly proud and humbled! 

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