Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog! I want you to find solace and peace here. I’m not a perfect mom, or wife, im doing the best I can. I have two incredibly beautiful and spunky daughters Hayden Renee is my three year old and is my sour patch kid. Kasalina Grace is my sweet preemie who was born at 33 weeks but is beating every hurtle thrown at her. Ive been married to my sweet country boy for almost 9 years now, (holy crap that makes me feel old). This blog and website is a passion of my heart and an extension of my soul! I hope this becomes a place you can come to and find cute clothes ideas for you kiddos. A place you can come to when you are having a tough day as a momma and see that we are all loosing it on the daily! I want you to feel comfortable to send me a message and vent about marital problems and If I don’t have an answer I will find one for you! So enjoy my life and my fails because im just taking it a day at a time!